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Styles / periods of Burmese Buddhas

During the last 2000 years, many rulers and kings has ruled over Burma. The land was divided into many kingdoms and dynasties.

During each period, Buddha statues were made in a different style. Each kingdom gave its own character to the images.

Here an explanation about the biggest and most important Burmese periods, styles and kingdoms.

Look at our Burmese Buddha's


Pyu Boeddha

Buddha images from this period are the oldest images of Burma.

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Pagan Buddha statue

Bagan is an important pilgrimage centre for Buddhists around the world.

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Toungoo Buddha

The Toungoo period is considered the golden age of Burma.

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Ava, also known as Innwa, is located south of the city Mandalay.

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Amarapura Buddha statues

The old name Amarapura means 'The City of Immortality'.

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Mandalay Boeddhabeelden

Mandalay was considered the center of the Buddhist universe in Myanmar.

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Shan (Tai Yai)

Shan Buddhas

The Tai-Shan people are believed to have migrated from Yunnan in China.

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Mon Boeddhabeelden

The Mon played an important role in the spread of Buddhism.

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Arakan Buddha statues

The ancient Arakan kingdom was located in the west of Burma in the now called Rakhine state.

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