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Our new Opium Weights website

We have recently launched a new website, developed especially to provide information about antique opium weights.

Visit now :

bronze opium weights
2 Burmese opium weights

The website explains about the different types and styles of Opium Weights that were used during ancient times of Burma. These opium weights were used by some mountain tribes in Laos, Burma and Thailand as a part of weighting system. This website provides important information on different styles of opium weights and its purpose in Burma, Laos, and Thailand. According to some news from local opium weights supplier, opium weights are believed to weigh high valued products such as silver ingots. These silver ingots were used as the currencies. We have also created a special catalog where a selection of our Opium Weights collection is shown..

Please visit our newly launched website about Opium Weights at !

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