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Buddhist Statues

Buddhist Statues

We know Buddha has so many forms which are reflected from the postures of his statues. Each of his postures signifies the aspect of spirituality. The postures can be seen in the form of statues; Buddhist StatuesBuddhist Statues motivate us to build our inner qualities to acquire happiness, good fortune, and satisfaction in our lives. There is also a saying that “For daily motivation or inspiration and to know the capacity of oneself in order to achieve a good life, one should place the Buddhist Statues in the central area of one’s home or office.”

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Buddhist Statues Symbol

Buddhist Statues are the symbol of inner peace, fortune and a motivational factor for every human being. Whenever we chant or look at the Buddhist Statue, it gives us some kind of internal satisfaction which enlightens our mind, heart and soul. According to Buddhist Mythology, Buddhist Statue is held as a symbol for many subjects, such as:

Buddhist Statue: A Symbol of a Religious Founder:

The Buddhist Statue is a symbol of Buddhism’s ancient founder, Siddhartha Gautama, a prince from Nepal. He achieved enlightenment under a tree, in Gaya (India,) where he meditated for a long time and understood the meaning of life and death.

Buddhist Statue: A Symbol of the Enlightenment:

The Buddhist Statue describes the Enlightenment and preaches the lessons of life and death. Buddhism conveys the Four Noble Truths of life, which was first preached by Siddhartha Gautama after he achieved Enlightenment. The Four Noble Truths of life are:

· Suffering (Dukha)

· Cause of Suffering (Samudaya)

· Cessation of Suffering (Nirodha)

· Extinction of Suffering (Magga)

Buddhist Statue: A Symbol of Belief:

The Buddhist Statue describes to believe in inner soul. The symbol of belief in oneself is the greatest weapon to fight against Suffering.

Buddhist Statue: A Symbol for Hope:

Hope is the biggest thing that can keep you alive. Buddhist Statues are symbols for Hope which describes that there is a hope of ending the cycle of Suffering in this world.

“The Symbols of Buddhist Statue has different meaning in life but the best meaning lies within the eyes that see and within the Heart that feels.”

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