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Buddha Garden

Buddha, the awakened one in Sanskrit and Buddhism, is the symbol of peace, harmony and wisdom. Known all over the world as the light of Asia for his teachings, he is the special person who understood the true meaning and purpose of life and death. His teachings have been the foundation of the principles for one of the world's largest religion, Buddhism. Today, there are thousands of followers and disciples even after more than 2500 years of his Nirvana and they follow his preaching as their words of thoughts. Though Buddhism doesn't encourage idol worshipping and the belief of supernatural forces, Buddha statues are popular all over the world for the depiction of the awakened one.

It is certainly a matter of a great pride for us to be able to have the largest collection of rare and antique collection of Buddha statues from all around the world. The garden Buddha statues we sell from our collection are crafted from a number of raw materials such as ceramic, bronze, marble, wood, lacquer, etc. The statues we have in our gallery are known for their sheer uniqueness and are completely authentic.

Garden Buddha statues are, without a doubt, a great attraction point for many of us. Our collection has a variety of garden Buddha statues which can be added to your garden or Buddha garden for making it look more serene, peaceful and spiritual. You can lift the level of wisdom with these statues around your garden. Our garden Buddha statues are made up of many raw materials and as they are for your Buddha garden, we suggest you get your statue which is made up of either ceramic, marble or Bronze. Additionally, we also have variety or large Buddha statues specially crafted for Buddha garden made up of marble, along with other rare and antique statues. Visit our online gallery to have a look at our collection of Garden Buddha statues from all over the Southeast Asian nations.

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Buddha statues for the garden

The Buddha statues available in our gallery and the ones we sell are completely authentic and antique Buddha statues, which have become very rare these days. Each year we travel to many countries in Asia to search and collect these antique garden Buddha statues for our customers. These frequent visits have help us develop a wonderful relationship with many Buddhist art dealers in the region. Through the dealers, we keep in contact with many Buddhist monasteries, personal collectors and Buddhist temples who want to part with their priceless garden Buddha statues, which have their own history and story behind them. This is the reason for us to assure you that the garden Buddha statues you buy from us are completely authentic and legal. We have no policy of dealing with the stolen statues and we discourage the theft of such historically important artifacts.

The Buddha statues are one of the best choices for decorating the garden, not only for the followers of Buddhism, but also for the admirers of beautiful artifacts. If you are interested and are looking for original and antique Buddha statue for you or your loved ones' garden, then feel free to check our online Buddha statues gallery. We have the best garden Buddha statues and Buddhist arts from around the world at the most reasonable prices possible.

Do not forget to check the Large Buddha statues for Garden from our collections and beautify your garden with the presence of garden Buddha statues.